Keep your Penguin Safe!

Keep your Penguin Safe! – Bigbluebot

Club Penguin: A land of joy, fun, and penguins.

However, there are some areas of CP where evil lurks!

Here are some of the scams on club penguin YOU should avoid.

“Give-me-your-password” Scam

Okay, this one is obvious. If a penguin asks for your password, NEVER give it to them. Okay, next one:

Account-sitting Scam

If you’re going on vacation and some penguin you don’t know tells you they can go into your account and get all the hidden pins and items while you are gone, just say NO. Even if they are a close friend, you might not want to take the risk!  Next One:

Cookie Grabbers

If a penguin posts the link to an off-site website, DO NOT GO THERE (even if you just want to look)! For all you could know, it could be a cookie grabber! What is a cookie grabber? A “Cookie Grabber” is a program that can look into your computer and see all your cookies. “Cookies” are information that holds all your passwords to websites.

Items Hack

So a penguin tells you they can go into your account and earn you 21984331024872139571209341932481234.1123 coins. Once again JUST SAY NO. Even if they DO earn you 1209472blah coins, they would probably be using something called “CP trainer 2.0” and CP trainer 3.0″ and . This program WILL get you banned.

Penguin Swap

You know how some penguins say “399 for a guy so fine” or something? Well, now one of the NEW things is “432 to trade penguins”. Basically, once you say 432 they invite you to there igloo and ask you for your password. Trust me: THIS IS A SCAM.

     Remember, if you see any OTHER scams, just comment and I’ll put it up. Also, remember…

  • NEVER give out your password, school, address or phone number.
  • If your friend asks you to do something like, oh, say, DOWNLOAD CP TRAINER 2.0 (you know who you are o ), DON’T.
  • Don’t say bad words! It’s a mean thing to do. ( (oh, and you get banned, too)

-Page written by, Bigbluebot



  1. what does cp trainer mean

  2. i saw chewit dude and he wanted to trade his penguin..

  3. http://s5.gladiatus.es/game/c.php?uid=35813

    gladiatus game yes!!

  4. What iz the CP Trainer 2.0 and 3.0? Ive never heard about it before.

  5. its a hacking site

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