Game Cheats

Here on this page are cheats to games of club penguin. Here are the games:

  • Cart Surfer, Cart surfer has no secrets but heres a tip: push the down dowwn.jpgbutton then space bar and you should do a flip. After Press the Space Bar then the sideleft.jpg(or)right.jpg buttons and you should do a “360”. Repeat the process till the end and this is what you gethigh-score.jpg(My high score) pretty cool huh?
  • Surfin’ Waves,Surfin Waves has no secrets but heres a tip: Walk a red puffle and while walking it play Surfin’ Waves and you should surf with your puffle which will make you more coins.
  • Bean Counter, Bean Counter has no secrets but heres a tip: Stack as many beans as you can then lay them down and you can only hold 6 without falling.
  • Puffle Roundup, Many of you may not of heard of the game but its located i the pet shop. It has no secrets or tips.
  • Pizzatron 3000, Theres a secret for pizzatron: Click on the leveruntitled.jpg and now you will serve candy pizzas.No tips.
  • Ballistic Biscuit, Ballistic Biscuit has no secrets or tips.
  • Jet pack adventure, Jet pack Adventure has a secret: Theres 1 extra life on every level. No tips.
  • Thin Ice, Thin Ice has no secrets or tips.
  • Astro Barrier, Astro Barrier has 5 tips:
  1. Press the number 1 button at ths pageastro.jpgand you will skip to level 10.
  2. Press the number  button on the same page and you will skip to page 20.
  3. Press thr number 3 button and you will kip to page 30.
  4. On level 11 wait about 30 seconds and a blue ship will apear. Shoot the ship and you ill go to Secret Levels.
  5. On level 31 wait about 30 seconds and shoot the blue ship. You will go to Expert Levels and if you finish them you will get a chance to shoot 5 blocks worth 500 coins each.500.jpg<< As seen here.

Ice Fishing has a cheat.

  1. First play a normal game up until you see the Big Fish. big-fish.jpg
  2. Keep a Live Fish on your line in the water for the big fish.
  3. Hold the live fish infront of the Big Fish as “Live Bait” untitled.jpg
  4. Catch the big fish and  this will pop up: 12.jpg

If i missed any games cheats or tips please comment me.



  1. HOPE these work im pretty sure they will… 🙂

  2. i like the smileys!!! > 😦

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  6. i tride the space ship cheats and it did not work

  7. wow it realy works im supprised wicked fanx for the tip.

  8. 😐

  9. NP

  10. you missed ice fishing

  11. where do you find rockhopper ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. I couldnt figure out how to use the first cheat….but all the others worked perfectly fine. But it does work really good so thanks for the tip!

  13. 🙂

  14. :0

  15. Hey how do you get that pic of yourself when you leave comments cuz i totally want one!

  16. Look on sscreen shot page

  17. How do you make a site like this?

  18. FUCK

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