A ScreenShot.

Ok if your wondering how to take pics of the screen well i’ll tell you. First have the page that you want to take a pic of on the screen. Then push the button “Print Screen SysRq” on your keyboardwindows-xp-print-screen2.jpgThen open your paint shop.paint.jpgThen once you have opened it up go to “edit” then “paste.” On your screen should be a pic of the screen you took a pic of with “Print Screen” Then Crop the part you want and right click push “copy” open a new page then paste it. To put it on wordpress and other pages, save it.

For an easier one heres Step by Step from Bigbluebot,

How to take a screen shot:

  1. First, hit the hit the print screen button.
  2. Go to the program MS paint.
  3. Right click and select “paste”.
  4. You should now have a screen shot!
  5. If you wish to crop the image, select the “crop” button.
  6. Crop the section of your picture you want.

 You should now have a screen shot!



  1. is their a way to do this on a mac cus i have one if not thats fine… PEACE OUT YA’LL

  2. is that on a dell computer?

  3. hola

  4. Hey, kool website. I now no how to edit it, but do you no how to make a video. Come see my penguin on club penguin and seeya for now. and could u say it on ur website because my e-mail does not work.see ya for now. waddle on

  5. after you take a screen shot how do u put it on your word press acount so u can have pics up as well as words next to each other

  6. also like if you want to show what your penguin looks like

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